Minutes of Meeting with National Treasury, Helen Suzman Foundation, SECTION27 and Wits Chair of Social Security

The Helen Suzman Foundation, SECTION27 and Wits Chair of Social Security met with the National Treasury on 21 November 2012. The minutes of this meeting can be downloaded in this section.

Ismail Momoniat opened the meeting by highlighting the importance of engagement and keeping public servants accountable. He expressed concern at the tone of the engagement thus far. He noted that the doors of the Treasury are always open, even if the deadline for submissions has passed. He said we can still submit comments and expect to receive a response from Treasury.

Francis Antonie thanked the National Treasury for the opportunity to engage as the concerns raised in the letter of September 17 related to matters of public interest. He emphasised that it was not the intention of the civil society organisations present to start the engagement negatively. He raised
concerns about the possibility of industry pressure negatively affecting the right to access health care.

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National Health Insurance

In accordance with our Health Reform project, the Helen Suzman Foundation made a submission to the Department of Health as part of the public consultation process on the National Health Insurance Green Paper which was released 12 August 2011.

This section of the website documents our work and aims to provide relevant resources for those seeking clarity on NHI.

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Demarcation between medical schemes and health insurance

Details on our joint intervention with SECTION 27 and Alex van den Heever out of concern for the possible dilution of the right of health protection through medical schemes.

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Tariff setting in the private healthcare system

Details on the HSF submission to the Health Professions Council of South Africa on their Guideline Tariffs for Medical Practitioners and Dentists.

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Private Healthcare Market Inquiry

Information regarding the HSF's submissions and involvement in the Competition Commission's Private Healthcare Market Inquiry.

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