Introduction to the Internship Programme

Central to developing the Helen Suzman Foundation's (HSF) research profile is its Internship Programme.

The objectives of the Helen Suzman Foundation’s Internship Programme are three fold, namely, to assist promising entry-level researchers (graduates and postgraduates) in developing their skills – both analytical and conceptual; to provide them with a valuable opportunity to gain experience in areas of policy formulation, research and project management; and, lastly, to be part of the Foundation’s ‘Project Constitution’ initiative.

To assist, the Foundation has appointed honorary Research Fellows (all senior academics) to work alongside it in developing these young people. The Helen Suzman Foundation has an extensive network of Research Fellows, including political scientists, economists, and health care professionals which it relies on for expertise and guidance for all the staff.

The Foundation has also partners with the University of the Witwatersrand’s International Human Rights Exchange (IHRE) Programme.


Our past interns
  • Aliya Daniels
  • Daniel de Kadt
  • Allie Denburg
  • Rachel Goldenberg
  • Enos Phosa
  • Natasha Menell
  • Ithumeleng Mphure
  • Joe Roussos
  • Tamara Jewett
  • Sarika Doodnath
  • Richard Griffin