Young Leader

A testimonial from one of our Young Leaders.

What the HSF has done for me by Lerato

My name is Lerato, born and raised in Katlehong. I am 18 years old and currently doing Matric. I am being raised by a single parent.

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Project Overview

Many young South Africans have the talents and drive required to succeed, but do not because of a lack of self-confidence. We suspect this to be a problem which occurs, particularly, along class lines – middle class children are brought up to believe the world is theirs for the taking, putting them at a psychological advantage in the workplace. This plays out in many spheres, from interviews for scholarships and jobs to wage negotiations.

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Pilot Programme

The pilot ran its course in 2012.

Due funding constraints we were unable to continue running this programme. We will continue running this programme if and when funding becomes available.

How can i get involed?

The project is not currently running. We will keep our website updated if anything changes.

Young Leader

A testimonial from one of our young leaders.

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