hsf briefs

By Anele Mtwesi
Mar 24, 2017

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The need to come up with a better plan for TVET colleges

TVET colleges ought to be an integral part of post-schooling in South Africa. This brief explores the current status of these colleges and the environment they operate in.

By Rafael Friedman
Mar 23, 2017

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America’s War on Terror in Africa

The growth of America's Global War on Terror has raised a number of questions for the African continent. Including the scope of American involvement and the impact that it has, and is likely to have, on counter-terror efforts in Africa. Rafael Friedman explores these in this brief.

By Charles Collocott
Mar 09, 2017

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Do state-owned enterprises pose a threat to Government’s finances?

As a result of the publicity which several state-owned enterprises have enjoyed recently, especially from a governance and finance perspective, the logical question is to what degree they pose a real danger to the health of the State’s finances. This brief by Charles Collocott is based on the detailed Budget Review, as published by National Treasury on the date of the budget speech on 22 February 2017.

By Anton van Dalsen
Feb 16, 2017

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ACSA cleans up its act but is Government interfering?

This brief sketches the background to attempts by the ACSA Board to address alleged fraud and corruption - and in reaction, the Minister of Transport attempts to fire almost half the Board.