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By Chelsea Ramsden
Apr 04, 2017

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South Africa’s ICC Troubles Only Growing – Will The South African Government Finally Be Held Accountable?

This brief will discuss the decision of the International Criminal Court to institute Article 87(7) proceedings against South Africa. This brief will look at what the consequences may be if an adverse finding is made against South Africa.

By Rafael Friedman
Mar 29, 2017

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American Foreign Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Where to from here?

Policy in the United States of America towards Sub-Saharan Africa has been a relatively stable issue over the course of the past few presidential administrations. In stark contrast to the debates that exist around American foreign policy in many other regions, American policy towards Africa has largely enjoyed bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats since the end of the Cold-War. This policy has been focussed on three main areas, which are likely to remain at the core of America’s relations with Sub-Saharan Africa; trade, foreign aid and security cooperation. Rafael Friedman explores what impact, if any, the shock election of Donald Trump will have on these.

By Anele Mtwesi
Mar 24, 2017

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The need to come up with a better plan for TVET colleges

TVET colleges ought to be an integral part of post-schooling in South Africa. This brief explores the current status of these colleges and the environment they operate in.

By Rafael Friedman
Mar 23, 2017

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America’s War on Terror in Africa

The growth of America's Global War on Terror has raised a number of questions for the African continent. Including the scope of American involvement and the impact that it has, and is likely to have, on counter-terror efforts in Africa. Rafael Friedman explores these in this brief.