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hannes | May 19, 2010

Why you should become a Friend of the Helen Suzman Foundation

Democratic South Africa faces challenging times. There is much to celebrate in South Africa but much that gives rise to concern, frustration and even anger. Each of us can make a difference to ensure the development of South Africa.

The Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) is making a difference. We protect the rights enshrined in our country’s constitution and tackle issues of governance and accountability in the public arena. We also provide a platform for public engagement and dialogue and disseminate informed research.

The HSF invites you to support our important work. We intervened successfully in the Constitutional Court challenge to the dissolution of the Scorpions. We have made important interventions relating to the National Health Insurance Green Paper, the Protection of State Information Bill, and the South African Police Service Amendment Bill and Legal action with regard to the Judicial Service Commission. We have convened 27 Public Roundtables and pubilshed 69 Focus journals in the last five years.

The Foundation is not aligned to any political party. We work actively with a range of people and organisations to enhance the country’s emerging democracy.

How to become a Friend of the Helen Suzman Foundation

Become a Friend of the Helen Suzman Foundation today by supporting us with an annual donation.

Your annual donation is tax deductible.

There are three levels of support:

Silver - R1000

Gold - R5000

Platinum - R10 000+

Your donation will help us to promote and defend our liberal constitutional democracy.

We trust that you will respond positively to this appeal.

After you have made your donation please send the following details to

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