Independent Police Investigative Directorate

The HSF is concerned about the erosion of the rights of independent state institutions. As a result, in 2015 and 2016, the HSF acted in court proceedings as an amicus curiae, with the intention of securing IPID from undue political interference.


The Constitutional Court handed down a judgment in 2016 vindicating the HSF’s stance on independence by declaring invalid certain sections of the IPID Act, Public Service Act and IPID Regulations, to the extent that they infringe on IPID’s independence by allowing the Minister of Police to suspend, take disciplinary steps pursuant to suspension or remove from office the Executive Director of IPID. 

Press Releases

Press Release: Helen Suzman Foundation appeals the settlement agreement relating to the process of renewal of the term of office of the head of IPID
Feb 27, 2019
Helen Suzman Foundation

The Helen Suzman Foundation (“HSF”) has filed an application with the Constitutional Court to appeal an order of the Pretoria High Court which on 12 February 2019 sanctioned an agreement (“the Agreement”) between the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (“IPID”), Mr Robert McBride as the Executive Director of IPID, the Minister of Police (“the Minister”) and the National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Police.