HSF briefs

Helen Suzman Foundation | Apr 08, 2015
We Must Support The President
Apr 16, 2020
Matthew Kruger

In this brief, Research Fellow Matthew Kruger considers what unified support for the President means during the crisis.

Gender Based Violence in the time of Corona
Apr 14, 2020
Lee-Anne Germanos

The purpose of this brief is to remind the public that the cries in the protests against gender based violence of September 2019, when Uyinene Mrwetyana was raped and murdered, are not forgotten. It also seeks to create awareness that gender based violence is not uniquely a South African problem, but a global one that has increased in the few short weeks of a global lockdown.

The Importance Of Criticism
Apr 03, 2020
Matthew Kruger

In this fourth brief in our coronavirus series, Research Fellow Matthew Kruger explores the importance of criticism during this time of crisis.

The Coronavirus And The Economy
Apr 01, 2020
Charles Simkins

In this brief, Charles Simkins suggests principles to guide thinking about the relationship between the epidemic and the economy.