1. Latest Focus Issue

    Focus 72 - Democracy and Its Discontents
    This edition of Focus celebrates 20 years of democracy in South Africa. But it also draws attention to some of the institutional, economic and social problems which have either emerged, or which carry over from the pre-1994 dispensation. Notwithstanding all these discontents – which, no doubt, are exacerbated by the turbulent global context – there is much to celebrate in our constitutional democracy. Above all, we should never forget where we have come from, even though it is not all that clear where we are heading. Perhaps we will know a little bit more after 7 May.
  2. Latest Roundtable Issue

    Equity and Redress
    On 6 February 2014, the Helen Suzman Foundation held a Roundtable discussion on Equity and Redress. The Roundtable featured Lindiwe Mazibuko, Songezo Zibi and Eusebius McKaiser. An edited transcript and photos from the event are now available for download.
  3. Upcoming Events

    QRS on Equity and Redress
    The Helen Suzman Foundation invites you to a Roundtable discussion on Equity and Redress. 6 February 2014, at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. Our panellists are Songezo Zibi, Eusebius Mckaiser, Lindiwe Mazibuko.
  4. Helen Suzman Memorial

    Helen Suzman Memorial Lecture
    Delivered by retired Constitutional Court Judge Zak Yacoob - The Constitution: A Liberal Democracy and Patriotic Criticism. Good evening everybody, thank you very much for those wonderful words of introduction. There are here some colleagues of mine, friends and other important people – many of whom I admire greatly. I’m sure that once I get to know everyone who is here, I would conclude that the majority of you would yourselves have made a phenomenal contribution to our society. I must particularly recognise two of my ex-colleagues from the Constitutional Court, Justice Cameron and Justice Moseneke.

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