hannes | Sep 22, 2009

HSF Briefs

As part of our mandate to facilitate and stimulate dialogue on matters relating to our liberal constitutional democracy, the Helen Suzman Foundation has embarked on a project to research and publish a series of Briefs. These Briefs focus on matters relating to our core values: Social Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law. They will cover topics from Health, Education and Youth to Governance and Accountability and the Delivery of Justice.


Focus is the flagship quarterly publication of the HSF. It is used as a forum for public debate and adds new, fresh voices to the policy dialogue. Each issue centres on a specific theme and readership is garnered through the publication of Focus on the website. The HSF seeks to place edited versions of the articles in the media to spread the insights and debate.

Roundtable Series

The Roundtable Series is a programme of panel discussions which provides a public forum to address topical issues of importance to South Africa’s political, economic and social development. The media are invited to each event. Immediately after the event, we publish a summary on our website and later an edited but verbatim version.


The HSF, together with its partners, the Gordon Institute of Business Science, the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research at UCT, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, host an annual lecture in honour of Helen Suzman. These Lectures seek to honour not only Helen’s extraordinary contribution to public life in Parliament, but also to uphold the values which she brought to public life outside Parliament. The Memorial Lecture hosts a different speaker each year.

Justice Symposium Series

Funded by the Open Society Foundation For South Africa, this project explores the justice system to identify problem areas and propose strategic interventions to enhance the delivery of justice. The HSF has successfully hosted three symposia which examined the civil justice system, criminal justice system and constitutional jurisprudence.


Speeches, Lectures and Seminars delivered by the HSF and from HSF functions