Press Release: The Hsf Discusses The Manuel Chang Case With The Daily Maverick

Tomorrow at 12:00, the Helen Suzman Foundation's Director, Nicole Fritz, will be participating in a live discussion with the Daily Maverick regarding the case of Manuel Chang.

Mr Chang is a former Mozambican Finance Minister and Member of the Mozambican Parliament, who stands accused of corruption in Mozambique and the United States. Mr Chang is alleged to have been part of a plan to fraudulently secure and divert roughly $2 billion worth of loans that were meant to benefit Mozambican companies. Both Mozambique and the United States are currently trying to extradite Mr Chang from South Africa in order to prosecute him for his alleged crimes.

Since arresting him in Johannesburg in 2018, the South African government has twice decided to extradite Mr Chang to Mozambique. The HSF has participated, as amicus curiae, in litigation that found each decision irrational. The matter is now the subject of an appeal before the Constitutional Court.

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