The passing of former Chief Justice Pius Langa

It is with great sadness that the Helen Suzman Foundation notes the passing of former Chief Justice Pius Langa.

Justice Langa's years of service to South Africa will not be forgotten. He will be remembered for his jurisprudential and intellectual abilities, his integrity, his humility and his deep sense of humanity.

His presence will be sorely missed, and South Africa’s legal community, in particular, is poorer for his passing.
It remains for the new generation of lawyers and judges to continue where he, and those before him, have left off ─ embodying the best legal traditions of our country and our Constitution.  
The Helen Suzman Foundation was privileged and honoured to have Justice Langa speak at its Symposium on the Appointment and Accountability of Judges.
The Foundation expresses its condolences to Justice Langa’s family and friends.