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Helen Suzman Foundation | Apr 08, 2015
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The Traditional Courts Bill - a problematic piece of legislation
Apr 09, 2019
Anton van Dalsen

This brief provides a summary of the Traditional Courts Bill, which was approved by the National Assembly on 12 March 2019. It discusses the place of customary law in South Africa and points out that this Bill leads to various problematic legal issues, against the background of a questionable political agenda.

A commentary on the National Health Summit 2018 report
Mar 26, 2019
PJ Hamilton

In October 2018, the inaugural Presidential Health Summit took place. The Summit sought to invite key stakeholders to deliberate on the issues causing our health system to fail. With the release of the Presidential Health Summit Report 2019, the drafters of the report came to a number of conclusions and recommendations which require comment.

The 2019 Election
Mar 25, 2019
Charles Simkins

The Helen Suzman Foundation is a non-partisan organization seeking to promote constitutional democracy. This means that we shall not comment on party political policies or election activities.

The Election Timetable
Mar 07, 2019
Charles Simkins

The Electoral Commission published the election timetable on 28 February. This brief sets out its main features and makes some suggestions.