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Helen Suzman Foundation | Apr 08, 2015
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The Speaker’s Role in the South African Parliament
Mar 26, 2015
Anele Mtwesi

This brief seeks to shed light on the role the Speaker ought to play in the South African Parliament. It should not be read as an attempt to discuss the performance of any particular Speaker.

Informal Trading in Johannesburg
Mar 17, 2015
Amy Meyer

Informal Trading has always been a part of South Africa's economy, 30% of which occurs in Gauteng. With an unemployment rate of 25.2%, Informal Trade is, for many South Africans, the "alternative to unemployment", and should be viewed as a way to "address unemployment" and "reduce vulnerability"

Mar 17, 2015
Arvitha Doodnath

Discussing the issues of bribery and corruption in the police. As well as one's right when being pulled over by the police.

The Sidelined State Attorney
Mar 12, 2015
Chris Pieters

In recent legal interventions involving the unlawful suspension of the National Head of the Hawks, the Helen Suzman Foundation became aware that the Minister of Police had, at the expense of taxpayers, sought the help of a large private firm. The State Attorney is the Office charged with the functions of dealing with State litigation. This revelation leaves one wondering what the State Attorney is doing.

Constitutional Democracy and Revolutionary Talk
Mar 10, 2015
Charles Simkins

One can support a constitutional democracy on the grounds that it is a better form of government than any other. One can be a revolutionary, dissatisfied with the existing political order and wanting to overthrow it in favour of an envisaged better alternative. But to claim to be a constitutional democrat and a revolutionary at the same time – now that is odd. Yet, we see it constantly in contemporary South Africa. What explains the phenomenon?