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Helen Suzman Foundation | Apr 08, 2015
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ERSA’s Fiscal Futures Webinar Series - Brief I
Oct 22, 2020
Charles Collocott

This is the first brief of five which covers a series of four webinar conversations convened by Economic Research South Africa, from late July to early September. Local and international economic policy experts talked about how to think about the economy, and the role of fiscal policy after the COVID shock.

Electoral Reform And The Political System: The Helen Suzman’s Points Of Departure
Oct 01, 2020
Charles Simkins

The first three briefs in this series establish three main points. The first is that the New Nation case requires electoral reform, the second is that electoral reform may not infringe the constitution, and the third is there are political systemic choices to be made by Parliament about the electoral system within constitutional constraints. This brief sets out the Helen Suzman Foundation’s points of departure at the level of the political system.

Electoral Reform: Are The Electoral Task Team’s “Core Values” Still Relevant?
Oct 01, 2020
Catherine Kruyer

The Helen Suzman Foundation is producing a series of briefs on electoral reform in South Africa. Following the landmark decision of the Constitutional Court to allow independent candidates to contest national and provincial elections, this series will examine the road ahead at the policy, legislative, and institutional level. This brief, the third in our series, will reconsider the core values for an electoral system identified by the Electoral Task Team in 2003.