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Middle classes can aid civil society
Author: Sara Gon
Published: 25 Jun 2012
Mzukisi Qobo’s piece on the political passivity of the middle classes is one of the most important opinions expressed in a very long time (Why are the middle classes so politically passive? June 15 ). Mr Qobo’s thesis is that the middle class is one of the most passive groups in society and yet there is so much to be done. As a result of this passivity, Mr Qobo says, we are losing the capacity for political awareness as rooted in active civic participation. In essence, Mr Qobo says that the black middle class feels it doesn’t need to be active and that the white middle class feels it has no right to be active.
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No such thing as NHI
Author: Michael Edmeston
Published: 05 Jun 2012
This letter was published in the Business Day, 5 June 2012
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The NHI is an opiate not a cure
Author: Michael Edmeston
Published: 27 Mar 2012
Michael Edmeston says we should be thinking critically about how to fix public healthcare
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Desperately seeking health reform - Is 'NHI' the answer?
Author: Kate Francis
Published: 07 Feb 2012
Kate Francis, a Researcher at the Helen Suzman Foundation wrote a piece for on the National Health Insurance Green Paper. You can read the article here and watch the corresponding interview.
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The non-developmental state
Author: Tim Kenny
Published: 16 Dec 2010
Tim Kenny questions whether the capacity exists to meet the ANC's grander ambitions
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