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Helen Suzman Foundation | Apr 08, 2015
Electoral Reform: Understanding the New Nation Movement case
Sep 29, 2020
Kimera Chetty

The Helen Suzman Foundation will be producing a series of briefs on electoral reform in South Africa. Following the landmark decision of the Constitutional Court to allow independent candidates to contest national and provincial elections,this series will examine the road ahead from the policy, legislative and institutional perspectives. This brief, the first in our series, will explore the reasoning of the Court and consider the implications of the judgment.

July Production Statistics: An Indication Of A V-Shaped Recovery?
Sep 28, 2020
Charles Simkins and Charles Collocott

Statistics South Africa publishes monthly production statistics for mining, manufacturing, electricity distributed, the five components of trade, catering and accommodation and two components of trade, storage and communication. The July 2020 estimates have now been published. Gross domestic product statistics have been published for the first two quarters of 2020. What do these estimates reveal about economic recovery since the Level 5 lock down?

The Implications Of The Second Quarter 2020 Gross Domestic Product Data
Sep 11, 2020
Charles Simkins

Dr Simkins highlights that the StatsSA announcement on 8 September of a 51% fall in GDP is misleading in the light of a sharp, temporary shock to the economy as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. The Brief discusses information from the GDP data about the distribution of the burden of the shock. Further analysis of the distribution will become possible when the Quarterly Employment Statistics and the Quarterly Labour Force Survey are published in late October.

Austerity And A Permanent Income Shock
Jul 15, 2020
Charles Simkins

This brief distinguishes between a policy of austerity and the fact of a permanent decline in per capita income, arguing that South Africa should adapt to a drop of real per capita income of 7 to 10% since 2014. It considers the trajectory of monetary and fiscal policy in this light.

The Adjustment Budget And Beyond
Jun 30, 2020
Charles Simkins

Charles Simkins reviews the Supplementary Budget. A brutal affair. The Zuma legacy and misfortune have made it so.