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Helen Suzman Foundation | Apr 08, 2015
The National Credit Amendment Act - And What Can Be Done
Oct 16, 2019
Charles Collocott

This brief looks at the potential effects of the National Credit Amendment Act that was recently signed into law. It begins with an overview of the Act, followed by the criticisms of it and the counterarguments to these criticisms. It concludes by looking at a unique model for micro lending as a plausible option to service the unsecured credit market in South Africa.

Do we need a Water Use Bill?
Oct 04, 2019
Michelle Toxopeüs

In light of a recent announcement to develop legislation dedicated to transforming the water use sector, this brief examines the current legislative and policy provisions intended to drive water use reform. It highlights the slow pace at which transformation has taken place, underscored by a lack of political will, socio-political factors and, ultimately, an inconsistency between the law and its implementation.

Strengthening institutional capacity in water resources management to enhance performance
Oct 01, 2019
Michelle Toxopeüs

Given its current financial and operational challenges, the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation is struggling to fulfil its obligations. The legislative framework allows the Department to establish regional institutions to assist it in managing water resources. These institutions are underdeveloped, under capacitated and underutilised.

Migration IV: The state of South Africa’s borders
Sep 18, 2019
Tove van Lennep

South Africa’s borders require serious attention to counter irregular migration, illicit trade and incumbered movement. The Department of Home Affairs’ intended solutions are deficient.