Minerals and Energy

Karel | Nov 20, 2018
Eskom’s 2018 Financial Results
Anton van Dalsen
Jul 24, 2018

This brief provides a commentary on the main features of Eskom’s 2018 annual financial statements, released on 23 July 2018.

Mining Charter Third Version: What are the legal issues?
Michelle Toxopeus
Sep 12, 2017

Following the publication of the third version of the Mining Charter, the Chamber of Mines filed an urgent application in the North Gauteng High Court to interdict the application of the Charter pending its review by a court. The application will be heard on 14 and 15 September 2017.

The Government’s nuclear power plans: is a rational debate possible?
Anton van Dalsen
Feb 16, 2017

This brief follows other recent pieces which we have published on the issue of nuclear power in South Africa (see our briefs dated 18 November 2016 and 15 December 2016). It provides an update to the debate surrounding Government plans for new nuclear power, highlighting two issues that continue to crop up in the public debate and which can be confusing without the necessary background. It also provides the essential facts relating to the court application by Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, set down for hearing in the High Court on 22 February 2017.

Developments in the South African energy debate
Anton van Dalsen
Dec 15, 2016

We recently published a set of three briefs on the South African Government’s policy on nuclear power. The Department of Energy has now published a draft new Integrated Resource Plan, whose purpose is to provide the basis for long-term planning in the provision of electricity. This brief aims to provide a succinct summary of the latest developments and, more specifically, to draw attention to the most important issues that have arisen in this process.

Governance at the Strategic Fuel Fund
Anton van Dalsen
Nov 28, 2016

Since press reports first surfaced in May 2016 about the sale of 10 million barrels of crude oil by the Strategic Fuel Fund NPC (SFF) from its strategic reserves, the SFF has received continuous media attention not only on account of that sale but also as a result of its other activities. This brief provides a summary of the current status of the issues that have arisen at the SFF, a state-owned enterprise, within the wider context of governance at state-owned entities.

The South African Government’s policy on nuclear power I – Current status
Anton Van Dalsen
Nov 18, 2016

This is the first of three briefs on nuclear power. It considers the current status of the new nuclear power project. The second discusses the policy framework for energy and the role of nuclear power within it. The third brief will deal with technical and financial issues and will come to conclusions.

Tamara Jewett
Aug 11, 2016

This Brief deals with an overview of how issues of mineral and land rights and community governance undermine individuals and communities in interactions with mining companies. The argument is that future suffering can be prevented by keeping the basic principle that mining must benefit South Africans while changing the structure and, most importantly, the application of some of the law. Two follow-up briefs will delve more deeply into each issue.